We would like to introduce ourselves as a commissioner of fabric finishing. Our company, Pars Takmil has been engaged in this business since 1991. Pars Takmil is the fastest growing company of its kind in this region with all the availabilities such as printing, dyeing, mercerizing, calendering, and crushing fabrics.

Our capacity is 4000 metric tons annually for both printing and finishing. Our production include variety of curtains and sheeting with a combination of various raw materials such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester and viscose which are printed with the first class dye staff from the major European suppliers.

Both our sister companies which are engaged in the production of yarn and fabric are the best reliable source in terms of providing our raw materials with over 100 Sulzer looms producing a variety of plain. Dobby and jacquard fabrics. Totally we have about 1000 employees with excellent knowledge and experience in the textile industry.

Our strict and precise quality control system provides the best assurance that our valuable customers receive our products. The logos of the institute of standard and the industrial. Research of Iran on our fabrics prove the excellent qualitly of our products. By using latest technology from the best European machine manufactures. Our company has managed to export a great amount of fabrics to different parts of the world.

Pars Takmil productions also enter market in every part of the country and acquire central position amongst other foreign and domestic products.
Let us fullfill your requirements at your service 24/7 and be simply contact us info@parstakmil.com